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Registration for 2020 Fall Rec Soccer is Open. 

Register by September 30th, 2020 


The Morris Memorial understands the strain that many families and children are experiencing from precautionary measures in place resulting from Covid-19. Because of this, we feel that it is our responsibility to do our best to offer an alternative recreational soccer option this fall.

 Alternative Program:

A skills / fitness based program that will provide children with an outlet for learning, exercising and socializing in a safe and socially distanced environment. Volunteer coaches will lead small groups through a series of different developmentally appropriate soccer skills and apply them in a variety of fun games that allow players to implement their skills in a meaningful fashion. Coaches will also incorporate fitness during these practices that is functional to soccer and general well being. This program will not include actual soccer games.


Divisions are determined as follows:

          Mini Mites:               Pre-K / K co-ed                  1:30pm     (20-25 minutes)  6 players per team 

          DIVISION 1:            1st-2nd grade co-ed            12:30pm   (30-40 minutes)   6 players per team

          DIVISION 2:            3rd-4th grade co-ed            11:30am    (40-45 minutes) 8 players per team

          DIVISION 3:            5th-6th grade co-ed            10:30am    (40-45 minutes) 10 players per team

          DIVISION 4:            7th-8th grade co-ed            10:30am       (40-45 minutes) 10 players per team

          HOT SHOTS - Special Needs Students                10:30am     (40-45 minutes) 6 players per team


Contact Miike West at with additional questions.